Gort Na Coiribe Update – 1st September 2017

Tips for Living Away From Home

  1. Be Responsible and Keep Safe – you are now 100% responsible for your own safety. Do not walk home alone after dark, stay with your friends, secure your doors and windows, do not invite people you do not know into your property.
  2. Do what you enjoy – join campus groups that are affiliated with what you love, whether it is playing sports, creating art, or making music. College is a great opportunity to develop what you love and most of it is FREE.
  3. Your friends become your family – so choose friends who will help and support you, but who will be fun to hang out with too.
  4. Make healthy choices – there’s also no one looking over your shoulder making sure you don’t eat pizza for breakfast each morning. Take the initiative, do a weekly shop, prepare meals, eat a balanced diet and exercise. Try to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. University students have a lot of stress, and these actions will help you stay healthy and happy.
  5. Get the Balance Right – you are now juggling study, independent living and your new found freedom………get the balance right so you can maximize this great time in your life.
  6. Stay connected to home – talk to family and friends on a regular basis. They want to hear how you’re doing at school so make it a regular habit to connect with loved ones.
  7. Take Time for yourself – listen to what your body and head is telling you, if you need support its available and free.
  8. Ask for help if you need it – this adjustment isn’t always easy, but help is available. If you’re struggling with loneliness or emotionally, talk to a counselor or friend. If academics are harder than you thought, look for a tutor or speak to your professor about extra help. For issues with you accommodation you can contact Gort na Coiribe office, for study or stress issues NUIG Accommodation and Welfare offer excellent support services for FREE.