General terms of Living in GNC

Booking & Allocation of Room Rooms will be offered in order of application, first come first served, and allocated to those who secure their booking by deposit payment. Once your application has been successful you will be informed by e-mail of the room type you have been allocated. A receipt for deposit payment can be printed from your Student Portal account.


Cancellation Policy

  1. All 1st Moiety payments should to be made in full by 5pm on 17th August 2017. Failure to make payment by this date will result in bed space being released for resale without deposit refund.
  2. If a 1st Year applicant wishes to cancel or is unsuccessful in their college application, he/she must cancel in writing no later than 5pm on 22nd August 2017. Cancellations by telephone will not be accepted; they must be made by email or post. In the event of such a cancellation, €100 cancellation fee will be deducted from the booking/security deposit and the remainder refunded via bank transfer. No deposit refund will be made for cancellations after this date.
  3. If a 2nd, 3rd, 4th year, PG etc. applicant wishes to cancel he/she must do so by 5:00pm on 10th August 2017. Cancellations by telephone will not be accepted; they must be made by email or post. In the event of such a cancellation, €100 cancellations fee will be deducted from the booking/security deposit and the remainder refunded via bank transfer. No deposit refund will be made for cancellations after this date.


License Agreement

A standard License Agreement is entered between the student & his/her Landlord.  The Student is obliged to follow the terms and conditions of  the Village Rules, which outline the Rules & Regulations in place for the development and which forms part of the license. It is a requirement that all students residing at Gort na Coiribe MUST have a signed lease. The license is available within your student portal. It must be signed by both student and their Guarantors and returned to the Gort na Coiribe office no later than 17th August 2017. On receipt of the signed contract and rental payment, apartment and room keys will be issued on arrival on or after after 26th August 2017 during arranged opening office hours, which will permit access to the allocated room.

Wi-Fi access codes will not be issued until the signed license agreement is returned to the office.


Checking In & Key Collection Gort na Coiribe will issue an e-mail to successful applicants before the lease commencement date detailing check-in dates & times and what you will need to check-in. An key will be issued on arrival which will permit access to the allocated house/apt. An information pack detailing all you need to know about living in Gort na Coiribe will be provided through your Student Portal account.

Insurance Cover for Personal Items Please note that Gort na Coiribe insurance covers the landlords belongings but not your personal belongings – we therefore recommend that you take out your own insurance cover. USI have recommended

Inventory  All individual items of the household inventory have been counted prior to your arrival.  Missing items have been replaced. We deem all items of inventory now present.  The full list of Inventory items per household are now uploaded to our TCAS online student system, the household are now responsible for these items.

Each individual student must complete an online count of your own bedroom, the ensuite and the common areas of the household via your student portal; this must be completed on or before close of business by a set date in September.  Inventory reports that are received after this date students will be liable for missing items and these will not be replaced by the office.

Please follow these steps to complete the inventory

  • Log into your Student Portal
  • Go to Resident Administration Section
  • Go to Inventory Checks
  • Agree/disagree with the number of items in the room by hitting Yes/No buttons listed next to the items.  Then hit “Submit”


  • All properties have been fully inspected prior to check in, however should you find that there are any maintenance issues (i.e. blown light bulbs) you will need to report them, please report them under the ‘ Log maintenance Issues’ of your student portal.  Please ensure you issue as much RELEVANT information as possible.
  • Maintenance issues found on arrival must be reported via your student portal by the same set date as your inventory. Emergency maintenance such as plumbing or electrical should be reported to reception immediately, this is your legal obligation as a tenant.
All maintenance issues over the course of the year should be reported online through your Student Portal “maintenance” section. 

If you have any queries on the above please do not hesitate in contacting the office.

House Inspections are carried out 3 times during the academic year, with inspection notification being issued a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Please have your apartment in a clean and tidy condition for inspections. Items of equipment often overlooked for cleaning are; the front door, living room window, oven, hob, fridge, microwave and shower. More tips are given on inspection notices. Inspection notes are recorded on the day of inspection; these sheets are then copied with a copy issued back to each unit. Failure will result in contract cleaners being called in, the cost being borne by the tenant/s.


On Departure Gort na Coiribe has a duty is to provide accommodation to you, the student, and to also care for the units on behalf of the landlords. It is expected that houses/apartments be returned to Gort na Coiribe management in a similar condition to which they were received at the start of the year. Gort na Coiribe staff carry out a thorough check on all units following student departure with a focus on cleaning, painting, inventory and maintenance. The condition in which the unit is returned will have a strong bearing on deposit monies returned.

  • Please pay attention to the cleaning of your hob, oven, gill pan and extractor throughout the year.
  • Painting charges can also escalate so please take care of walls & woodwork throughout your unit. Each student is responsible for his/her individual bedroom. General wear and tear is taken into consideration for the common areas but excessive damage is payable by the student.
  • Maintenance damages are to be reported throughout the year
  • Curtains – please beware of smoke damage – smoking is not permitted indoors at Gort na Coiribe