FAQ’s for Tcas Online Application System




How do I apply for Accommodation?

Accommodation applications must be made Online through the Gort na Coiribe website. The Online Application system ‘TCAS’ must be used through Google Chrome Browser.

  • You must have a valid email address at time of application.
  • You must have your PPSN / social security number
  • You must have you parent/guarantor’s phone number and e-mail address
  • Student ID no. field applies only to existing NUIG students. Leaving Cert applicants may leave this blank or insert n/a

Waiting List

Such is the demand for student accommodation at Gort na Coiribe student village that many of our applications will automatically be deferred to our online Wait List.

If you select a room type that is not available you will receive an automatic message that will advise that this room type is not available and if you wish to be placed on the waiting list.

No payment will be made at this stage if you progress to the waiting list.

I’m on the waiting list, when will I know if a room becomes available?

Gort na Coiribe will manage the wait list on a first come first served basis

If your room type comes available you will receive a confirmation email requesting deposit payment.

You must have a debit / credit card for deposit payment when your room is offered and accepted.

How much do I need to pay at time of Application?

A Deposit of €300.00 is to be made at the time of application.

Methods of payment accepted are:

Payments can be made by credit/Debit card, most major credit cards accepted. All card transactions are subject to 0.5% transaction fee. Credit or debit card payments can take up to 48 hours to reach our bank account.

Completing the Online Application Form

Please ensure the personal details entered on the application form are those of the student applicant and not parent/guarantor as these are the contact details used to communicate with you throughout your stay should your application be successful.

Please ensure only one application form is completed per person.

I have made my application online but I haven’t paid my deposit

If full payment is not made your application is not valid. This may result in your preferences being unavailable by the time payment is received.  The demand for student accommodation is extremely high at GNC, you will be offered a short window in which you must make your payment. Failure to pay the deposit will result in your room being forfeit.

Please check your emails  (Junk/Spam and inbox) for your TCAS online reference number. In order to validate your application, you will need to pay your deposit through your student portal.

Is my payment Secure?

Your online payments are processed through the Realex Payment Gateway. Realex is one ofEurope’s largest Online Payment Gateways processing payments in excess of €24billion annually, with data security at its core. The main security features which should give you the customer piece of mind are

  1. 3D Secure giving Cardholder authentication at the time of the transaction.
  2. Realex accepts & checks the CVV/CVN codes entered. This is the three/four digit code on the back of the card that proves the purchaser has the physical card with them
  3. Forty different real-time checks prior or separately to authorisation

What are my options if I cannot pay Online?

Applications are made through TCAS Online and all payments are made online. Please ensure your visa verification is up to date.

How do I know my application was successful?  

You will be sent an automated email to confirm your application has been received. You will also receive your 10 digit TCAS reference number to allow you access your student Portal.

I haven’t received an email in my inbox.

You need to check your junk/spam folder of your email account to see if the email has gone into one of those

What is my Student Portal?

Your student portal is your own personal account for your accommodation

  • It gives full visibility of your Booking period & your personal profile
  • Full visibility of your payments, charges & account balance
  • Check your electricity charges and manage usage
  • Download Lease Agreement
  • It is the main tool for communication between you and the Gort na Coiribe office
  • Log Maintenance issues online and check progress
  • Contact office though contact manager
  • View Notice Board

We strongly advise you check your student portal daily for information updates.

How do I log into my Student Portal?

Please click on the following link to access the Gort na Coiribe Student Portal; Gort na Coiribe Student Portal

Use your 10 digit reference application number (already issued to you) as your Application Number and your password is the email address used when applying. We recommend you change your password to something memorable in your student portal once you log in.

Sharing with Friends:

If you wish to Share with a friend you must apply to do so through your Student Portal. Please note, the house mate you wish to share with must have applied Through TCAS online and should pass their TCAS ID number to you so as you can apply to share with them. While we will make every effort to accommodate your requests, this cannot always be guaranteed.

How to apply to Share with a Friend – lead tenant

  1. Log in to your student portal
  2. Under Home, click on Room Sharing.
  3. Enter desired house mate’s TCAS ID number. Click validate. Their name should auto-fill in to the name field.
  4. Click Submit. The request will move to “Sharing Request To” and have the status of pending. You can either send additional requests or stop here and wait for the other party to accept the request.

How to apply to Share with a second, third, etc. students

  1. Only the lead tenant can invite a second, third student to share.
  2. The second, third etc student should pass their TCAS ID number to the lead tenant as they must issue the sharing request
  3. The second, third etc should must log in to their student portal and go to the Room Sharing page.
  4. They will find your request waiting.
  5. They should click confirm and it will change the status to Confirmed.
  6. At this point, the room share will show up in the back office Sharing page

Rules regarding sharing requests:

  1. The first student to initiate a sharing request can send multiple requests.
  2. If a student has accepted a request, they cannot send any requests out.
  3. If a student has a pending request, they cannot send any requests out. (They must reject and delete [using the red x] to get this request out of their portal and then they will be able to send new sharing requests out).
  4. If a student has a request accepted, you cannot send a request to them.
  5. If a student has a pending request, you can send a request

How do I change my password?

Once logged into your student portal, click on the “Resident Administrations”, then change password and fill out the requested details. Please ensure you save your new password.

What is the next step in securing my Accommodation?

Once your Online Application is made and deposit payment successfully processed, we will then begin room allocations.  The room type you may be offered will be dependent on availability.   Please note that the allocation process can take 2-4 weeks

How do I make payment?

Log into your student Portal – Under “Financials” – payment online – make payment

When paying your 1st Moiety rent you must pay your electricity prepayment together with your rent.  If you only make payment of your electricity prepayment the system will not allow you to progress and pay your semester rent.

My payment is not going through?

If you receive the following messages;

  1. Your Credit Card transaction could not be be processed. Returned : Transaction blocked by merchant configuration. Please contact the merchant. Please contact your bank with this error information<br/><br/> Note: Please note that if you fail to make payment at this point, we reserve the right to cancel your application.<br/> Please contact the Residence office if you have any questions or you are having difficulties making your online payment.

The error above corresponds to a transaction that has failed because it was not 3dsecure (i.e. verified by visa).  You must follow the steps to log in or create a password.  You will need your bank account details to complete this section.  This is an online security requirement of your bank and not a Gort na Coiribe requirement.

 2.     Your Credit Card transaction could not be processed. Returned: NOT AUTHORISED Please contact your bank with this error information<br/><br/> Note: Please note that if you fail to make payment at this point, we reserve the right to cancel your application.<br/> Please contact the Residence office if you have any questions or you are having difficulties making your online payment.

A daily limit may apply to debit cards. Please pay the max on your card on day 1 and return to the system the following day to pay the balance.

 3.     If you receive the message “awaiting response” there is a possibility that we will still get the payment. Please allow for 24 hours for Gort na Coiribe to check our payment logs or alternatively you can check with your bank to see if payment will be processed. If payment has not been processed after 24 hours then you will need to try and make payment online again. At this stage the original payment will not go through.

How do I amend / make changes to my application?

Change requests need to be submitted by email to info@gortnacoiribe.ie

Can I cancel my Application through my student portal?

Cancellations must be made in writing via email. Please refer to our cancellation policy on http://www.gortnacoiribe.com/accommodation/general-terms-of-living-in-gnc/

When will I know what room / house I am in?

Once you have received an email confirming your room allocation you can see what room you have been assigned to under the booking info; you will also have access to your lease agreement here. Please note that changes may apply to your booking until the start of the lease date; this is out of our control and your house details may change.

Can I get a Statement of account?

All your financial information is available through your student portal under “Statement”.