Gort na Coiribe Management Company CLG

Gort na Coiribe Village Rules

  • FURNITURE / INVENTORY – You are not permitted to remove any item of inventory supplied for your use from the house to the common areas of the complex or indeed any other property. This includes Chairs, Sofas, Glassware, Crockery etc. whether supplied by the Landlord or the tenants. The management reserve the right to remove any such offending item.
  • LIVING WITH OTHERS – You must always show respect & consideration to your housemates. After using the kitchen/bathroom/all common areas, you (or any of your guests) must leave them in a clean and tidy manner.
  • WASHING & LAUNDRY – Washing must not be hung out to dry from the windows of your house or be visible from the Common area of the complex. There is a launderette on site for this purpose. Management and Security staff reserves the right to remove such items from public view. This also applies to Flags, Banners, Posters or Signs hung from windows or on any interior or exterior wall within the complex.
  • BICYCLES/MOTORCYCLES – You are reminded that all Bicycles and Motorcycles must be placed in the Bike Sheds provided and not brought into your apartment. There is racking provided within and to the sides of these sheds to allow you to securely leave your bicycle/motorcycle. Please enquire at reception about a key to the bike areas. Students that persist in locking their bicycles outside designated areas will have their bicycle removed and disposed of.
  • BOTTLE/CANS – You are advised that the consumption of any alcoholic beverage is strictly prohibited on any of the common areas of the complex, in any gardens or on balconies. You are reminded that you are not permitted to stack or have on view in the windows of your house any bottles, cans or any other such items.
  • SPEED LIMIT – There is a 20kph speed limit in place in and around the development. CCTV cameras monitor the common areas. If you are caught dangerous driving or causing noise disturbance (speeding, revving of engine etc) you will be asked to remove your vehicle permanently from Gort na Coiribe.
  • VISITORS / SECURITY – In the interests of security within the complex, residents are requested not to allow entry to ANYBODY except your own personally invited Guests and Visitors. You are required to sign in overnight guests at reception during office hours. Residents are responsible for any damages or noise caused by guests which could result in termination of Licence Agreement in serious cases. Front, back or balcony doors are not to be left open unattended. Please report any suspicious activity to Reception, Security or your local Garda station at Mill Street Garda Station, Galway on Tel. No: 091-538000. Please advise your guests to respect our complex and our neighbours when visiting as you are responsible for their behaviour.
  • NOISE / MUSIC – Please note that excessive noise will not be tolerated at any time within the Gort na Coiribe Complex. Please keep the volume of your Stereos, Radios and TV appliances at a volume that will not interfere with your housemates or neighbours’ quiet enjoyment of their apartments. This includes the playing of musical instruments, loudspeakers, mechanical noise, singing or any other noise that may cause annoyance to the occupiers of the complex.
  • SECURITY STAFF – Please treat with respect the Security Personnel on duty in the Gort na Coiribe Complex. They are here for your protection and security, the protection of the complex and the protection of all properties. Security staff issue a nightly written report to management. Any reports received by Management concerning abuse of the security personnel will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.
  • LANDSCAPING – Please do not damage or interfere with the grounds and Landscaping. It is not permitted to play football or any other sport on the grounds. There will be a charge for damages caused to landscaping.
  • SHOPPING TROLLEYS – All trolleys brought into the complex must be returned to the relevant supermarket. These are the property of the supermarket. Unreturned trolleys will be treated as theft with the relevant authorises notified.
  • BARBEQUES – barbeques or open fires of any kind are strictly prohibited for your own personal safety and the safety of other residents of Gort na Coiribe.
  • SECURING DOORS AND WINDOWS – Please keep all windows of your apt/house securely closed at all times when unoccupied. It is important to secure all windows and doors even if leaving the room or house/apt. unattended for short periods. Whilst it is very important to ventilate your property to avoid condensation, do not leave your windows open at times of high wind. Any damage that occurs to your property due to windows or doors being left open and unattended will be borne by you, the tenant. In addition, the climbing in and out of windows is forbidden at any time unless in the event of an emergency situation.
  • MOTOR VEHICLE SECURITY – it is important that your car is always secure, lock it, even if unattended only for a short period. Residents/Guests parking in the car park provided are parking at their own risk.
  • NO SMOKING – smoking is not permitted in the houses and apartments of Gort na Coiribe, nor in the corridors of the apartment blocks. It is your responsibility to ensure your guests abide by this no smoking policy also.
  • BALCONIES – All residents must use the balcony responsibly and are responsible for the behaviour of their guests when on their balcony. Crossing over balconies to access another apartment is strictly forbidden and subject to disciplinary action if a student is reported.
  • DRUG USE – Personal use, sale or supply of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. Any students found to be engaging in such activities may face termination of their lease agreement within 7 days for serious anti-social behaviour and the relevant authorities notified.
  • MONETARY FINE FOR BREACH OF HOUSE RULES – the Owners Management Company reserves the right to impose a fine on any property that is in breach of the aforementioned House Rules, which will be charged to the landlord, who may in turn pass on to their tenants. The fine will be €100 for each and every occurrence of a breach.