Incident Reporting

Gort na Coiribe staff and management take on-site incidents very seriously and have a strict procedure in place for handling them. Depending on the severity of the incident Gort na Coiribe staff may be able to assist in resolving an issue directly or may be able to advise a resident of a particular direction to take or support service that may be able to help them with the incident.

NOTE: Gort na Coiribe encourage all residents to attempt to settle all disputes  before bringing them to the attention to GnC staff.

If you continue to experience problems with accommodation, housemates or your neighbours please report to the GnC office, where we will ask you to complete an incident form.

Gort na Coiribe will then carry out further investigations of the incident and will act once all information has been gathered. Generally many issues can be resolved by opening lines of communication and by the students being open to understanding the needs and personalities of others.

 The University of Galway code of conduct extends to Gort na Coiribe student village. This code covers serious incidents such as bullying, harassment and anti-social behaviour. The University of Galway take a dim view of such behaviour and offenders may face the University of Galway disciplinary board thus effecting studies and career.