Guidelines To Harmonious Living

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As a matter of courtesy, Tenants are requested to maintain order and cleanliness in their living accommodations at all times. Respect and consideration towards sharers, along with communication and personal responsibility should allow for harmonious living. General adherence to the following House Rules is recommended:

1. Common areas are for the enjoyment of all tenants – Occasionally prolonged visitors, constant “friends over”, excessive noise, continual or loud talking, music, TV can infringe upon the right to peaceful enjoyment by other tenants. Please give other tenants needs due consideration as everyone may not be as sociable as you!

2. Noise Levels – consideration to noise levels needs to be given for the peaceful occupation of sharers and neighbours who are entitled to adequate time for proper study and sleep. Tenants are expected to refrain from disturbing activities such as loud conversation, shouting, loud music, parties etc. after 11pm. Under the residential tenancies Act 2004, tenants do not have the right at any time to be so excessively loud, a breach of which may be deemed as anti social behaviour.

3. Shared bedroom spaces are for the use and enjoyment of those tenants exclusively – Tenants in shared bedrooms should not

  • Permit others to store belongings in a room shared by tenants.
  • Allow others to sleep in a shared room, without prior notice to and mutual consent of other affected
  • Commit acts necessitating privacy, which would offend other roommates

4. Cleanliness – cleanliness of the house is the responsibility of everyone. Tenants are required to keep bathrooms, their respective bed rooms and all common areas clean and orderly. The following Guidelines will help:

  • Clear, wash & dry cutlery, crockery and cooking equipment after cooking/eating, with limited equipment it’s only courtesy to your sharers.
  • Wipe down all surfaces after cooking.
  • If you have had friends over, clean up immediately after them
  • Organise a weekly house clean; floors, bathrooms, Hallways/stairs/landing, kitchen/lounge. This is the fairest way and it will only take an hour tops if everybody helps out!
  • Remove and dispose of refuse regularly. Please ensure materials do not accumulate so as to cause odours, hazards or be in violation of any health, fire or safety regulation.

5. External Areas – it is tenants responsibility to keep areas to the front & back of your unit clean and tidy. Please ensure doors, windows are kept clean with foodstuffs washed off. Pathways in front of unit should be swept and back gardens & bicycle sheds should be litter and debris free.


Positive Communication is the key to trouble free living and a stress free life. If you have a problem, talk to your sharers in a respectful and calm manner to seek a resolution – you’ll be surprised how easy it is once you break the ice.

If however your efforts prove ineffective, the situation can be brought to the attention of the complex manager for guidance or assistance.

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