House Inspections…a few tips!

| January 25, 2011 | 0 Comments

This week is inspection week, much to the dismay of many of our residents who feel it is one of the downsides of living in student accommodation. If it is any comfort the GnC staff are not so enthusiastic about it either but it has to be done! The purpose is to ensure on behalf of the owners that their properties are being kept in relatively good condition throughout the year, which is standard practice for any letting agent.

Cleaning makes you happy!

There are only 3 rounds of inspections during the year, so we don’t think it is too overbearing. The only inspections in addition to these are on an individual basis if a party is held and the property needs to be inspected for damage.

If you do not pass first time round you will be given a date for re-inspection. If you fail the re-inspection the property will be cleaned by an external contractor, you will have to foot the bill, and your guarantor will be notified. So to avoid all that and to make life easier for both the inspector and the inspected the following are a few tips:

Bedrooms: Ensure the room is tidy – if we can’t see the floor we are unlikely to give it a pass! Ensure the carpet is hoovered. We will note for our own records if there are posters/pictures stuck to the wall as they will damage the paint-work. However this does not affect the result of the cleaning inspection.

Bathrooms: Use a proper bathroom cleaning agent on all surfaces and we strongly recommend you bleach the toilet and don’t be afraid to use the toilet brush!

Stairs: Don’t forget to hoover the stairs as they often get overlooked. This is a common area so the task should be shared.

Kitchen: Use a proper oven-cleaner spray – it will make the job a lot easier. Make sure the kitchen is tidy and the microwave is cleaned (often gets overlooked).

Tiled floors: Use hot water and read the directions on whatever floor cleaner you use to make sure you put in the right amount – if you put too much in it will make the floor sticky.

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