General Safety

All apartments are fitted with smoke alarms, fire blankets and fire extinguishers. There is a first aid kit located above the cooker in the cupboard.

Never leave a chip pan or grill pan unattended. Clean grill pans regularly and use tin foil. Never cook food in chip or oil pans late at night.

Unplug all electrical equipment appliances before retiring to bed at night, especially hair straighteners.

Ashtrays should never be emptied into bins/plastic bags/waste receptacles within two hours of smoking material being extinguished in them. Before being emptied, please pour a small amount of water into the ashtray.  Mixing cigarette waste with other combustible waste matter can cause serious fires. Never smoke in bed.

Clothing or similar items should never be within 1 meter of an electric heater.  Do not cover electric heaters.

Never disconnect the smoke alarm from its power source.

Close all internal doors when retiring to bed at night and whenever the apartment is vacated as this helps to prevent a fire spreading and provides additional time for the occupant to escape.

In the event of a maintenance issue arising, please report it immediately to reception.

Ensure all windows and external doors are securely locked before leaving your apartment. Do not lock internal doors.